Saturday, April 30, 2011

6. Source Clay (Second Site)

The Second Clay Mining Site
Although I had enough clay from my first dig, I was lucky enough to find some more, better clay in another spot. (I was lucky in an 'every cloud has a silver lining' kind of way.)

I unexpectedly had to dig a 60cm deep ditch for some electrical cable, and I found some excellent clay.  This was at the front of my property, not in a place I would speculatively dig.  However, as I was digging there anyway, I liberated enough clay to do the next two layers.

This clay was moist (which the other clay had not been), and paler than the original clay.  It was also stickier than the original clay.  It came from deeper than the original clay, and was in a mass, not in veins between layers of soil.  It came out in big clumps attached to the mattock.

I filled an old-style rubbish bin 1 1/2 times with clay.  I used this clay exclusively in the next two laters.

Clay from the Second Site (larger so you can see the texture)
...Geoff the Digger (again)

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