Saturday, May 12, 2012

13. Pizza Base Recipe

(NOTE:  This is a very effective recipe. However, it has been superseded by the simpler recipe posted here.)

Having undertaken extensive experimentation, testing and possibly some extra pounds around the stomach region, here is the recipe I am now using.  It is based on the Forno Bravo 'Authentic Vera Pizza Napoletana Dough Recipe', which is very good, but let's face it, a recipe can always be improved (or at least made more convenient and with locally available ingredients).


1kg box                 Lighthouse Bread & Pizza Plain Flour* 
650ml                   Water (65% hydration)
1/2 tablespoon (15gm)   Salt
1 tablespoon (6gm)      Active Dry Yeast
1 splash                Olive Oil
couple handfulls        Plain Flour


Mixer with dough hook (optional)
Large Bowl (diameter about 30cm/12")
Baking Tray/Baking Sheet/Cookie Pan (large)
Baking Paper/Parchment
Rolling Pin
Dough Roller Docker (confused? click here)

  1. Mix dry ingredients then add the water - you need all of it.
  2. Use a mixer with a dough hook - add water slowly, run slowly for 2 minutes, faster for 5 minutes, then slowly again for 2 minutes.
    (OR  Mix by hand for about 10 minutes - this is not for the faint hearted.)
    (Apparently you can also do this step in a bread machine.)
  3. Make a big ball of the dough, splash on some olive oil, rubbing it around to coat the whole ball.
  4. Put the ball in a bowl in a warm place until doubled (1 - 2 hours).
  5. Punch out air. Tear off 3/4 fist-sized chunks (for 8" pizzas) and form into balls.
    (You may need to experiment to find your preferred size.)
  6. To form a ball, choose a smooth part of the ball, and stretch it downwards by rubbing the palms downwards.  Pinch the remains together at the bottom.
  7. Put the balls pinched end down on oven paper well spaced on a large oven tray.
  8. Spray on olive oil.
  9. Store in the oven - rest for about an hour. (Too long and they run together, so if you are storing them longer, refrigerate.) 
  10. When you are ready to cook, roll them out on a bed of loose plain flour, and put on pizza tray or other surface and add toppings. Don't forget to use the dough roller docker to perforate the surface.
By the way, stuff all the 'this topping, that topping' stuff.  Just raid the fridge and remember, 'everything savoury tastes better on pizza'.

...Geoff the Chef

* Here is an interesting article about the protein/gluten content of Australian Lighthouse Bread & Pizza Plain Flour vs Italian Tipo 00 flour.  It is probably also relevant elsewhere.

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