Saturday, May 21, 2016

16. Update - Five Years On

Not a Happy Oven

It turns out that the crack (see earlier posts) is not the biggest problem I could have had. We had a tropical cyclone rated at category 4. I was not home when the cyclone hit, and my usual technique of protecting the oven with a bit of plastic held down by a big roll of fencing wire failed. You might say that was predictable, but in 18 years not a single cyclone has directly hit my city, and the damage the oven suffered is nothing in comparison with many people's houses and yards.

Exposure to a category 4 cyclone is a problem for clay pizza ovens. It is repairable, but I have to decide whether to repair or whether this is a message that it is time for 'Mark II'. I wont go into details yet, but I have some ideas for improving on my first oven.

A little dejected,

...Geoff (not currently using the oven)

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